How to Enroll

We offer 3 convenient ways to enroll to help simplify treatment access. You can enroll in the Taiho Oncology Patient Support Program:

Download your Patient Enrollment Form

Once enrolled, HCPs can
expect one of our Taiho Oncology Patient Support Reimbursement Specialists to:

  • Confirm patient enrollment and share next steps
  • Create the patient's account and ensure accuracy of information
  • Facilitate services selected on the Patient Enrollment Form
  • Triage patient's prescription and coordinate with the dispensing specialty pharmacy once product coverage has been verified
  • Coordinate follow-up, reminders, and personalized nurse support upon request

Once enrolled, patients can expect Taiho Oncology Patient Support to:

  • Welcome them to the Program and explain their insurance benefits for the prescribed Taiho Oncology Product
  • Confirm product access via insurance coverage or assist in applying for financial assistance
  • Coordinate with the specialty pharmacy to discuss payment and, if applicable, shipment
  • Support them after they receive their prescribed Taiho Oncology Product from the specialty pharmacy, physician, or hospital and begin treatment