Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We help with billing, coding, benefit verifications, prior authorizations, insurance denial appeals, follow-ups and reminders, and specialty pharmacy coordination. For eligible patients, we also offer co-pay assistance, as well as nurse support upon request.

We offer 3 convenient ways to enroll patients in Taiho Oncology Patient Support: 1) Enroll online directly through our HCP portal (NOTE: Registered login required); 2) Download, print, and fax a completed , with patient and physician signatures, to 1-844-287-2559; or 3) Call 1‑844‑TAIHO‑4U (1‑844‑824‑4648) for help with enrollment.

Yes. Patients can contact us directly about how to access their medication. We will help eligible patients with alternate funding, such as the Taiho Oncology Patient Support Co‑Pay Card, our Patient Assistance Program, and referrals to third-party organizations.

Yes. If selected on the Patient Enrollment Form, our Nurse Navigators are available as needed to support patient care. Our Reimbursement Specialists provide personalized, responsive support services.

Please call the resource center at 1‑844‑TAIHO‑4U (1‑844‑824‑4648) to learn about patient eligibility criteria.

INQOVI and LONSURF are available through the following specialty pharmacies: Accredo, Optum Specialty Pharmacy, Biologics, CVS Specialty, Onco360, and Walgreens. LYTGOBI is only available through Onco360. Our products are also available to self-dispensing practices and hospital retail pharmacies through ASD Healthcare, McKesson Specialty Health, McKesson Plasma and Biologics, Cardinal Specialty Health, and Oncology Supply. Contact Taiho Oncology Patient Support at 1‑844‑TAIHO‑4U (1‑844‑824‑4648) for further information.

The co-pay assistance foundations to which we refer patients have their own criteria for patient eligibility, including financial eligibility. Taiho Oncology does not influence or control the decisions of these foundations, but Taiho Oncology Patient Support can assist patients by making an appropriate referral based on a patient's diagnosis. We cannot guarantee financial assistance once a patient has been referred. Healthcare professionals may contact these foundations directly or receive assistance identifying which foundations might be options for a given patient. Please call the resource center at 1‑844‑TAIHO‑4U (1‑844‑824‑4648).

The online provider portal is an all-in-one solution for managing your patients. You can manage and track all prescribers in the practice, quickly view individual patient cases on the patient dashboard, upload patient documents including the patient enrollment form as well as complete electronic benefit investigation and electronic prior authorization support, track the status of your patients' cases in real-time, request to connect with a Taiho Oncology case manager/Reimbursement Specialist directly, and download helpful practice and patient resources.

If you have questions, call 1‑844‑TAIHO‑4U (1‑844‑824‑4648)