Helping you help your patients obtain access
to Taiho Oncology products

Accessing treatments can be challenging at times. Taiho Oncology Patient Support offers personalized services to give patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals (HCPs) the help they need in getting started with Taiho Oncology Products. This includes insurance verification, help with medication costs, and treatment plan support.

Why enroll in the
Taiho Oncology Patient Support Program?

The program offers providers...

A secure, easy-to-use online provider portal that stores patients’ info and tracks insurance details, prescription history and more

Simple patient access to Taiho Oncology products by providing insurance coverage support, prescription coordination and financial help for eligible patients

Easy patient enrollment with options to submit electronically or by fax

The program offers patients...

Assistance getting your prescribed treatment by helping you fulfill insurance requirements and coordinating your prescription

Financial assistance* in various ways based on your current coverage

Personalized nurse support by phone upon request, to help you stay on track with your prescribed Taiho Oncology product

An easy-to-complete you can bring to your doctor

*Based on eligibility and additional criteria.
If selected on the Patient Enrollment Form, a Nurse Navigator will be assigned to provide telephone support and will address general inquiries about prescribed Taiho Oncology treatments.