We know getting patients access to LONSURF® (trifluridine and tipiracil) is a critical step in their treatment. We strive to make this process as simple as possible.
Access and reimbursement support
  • Benefit investigations (BIs) to determine and report patients' insurance coverage of LONSURF
  • Prior authorizations (PAs) to meet payer requirements
  • Claims appeals assistance if coverage is denied
Specialty pharmacy (SP) prescription coordination
  • Prescription triage
  • Coordination with the in-network SP, self-dispensing practice, or hospital retail pharmacy
  • Claims appeals assistance if coverage is denied
Co-pay support
  • Eligible, privately insured patients can receive a Taiho Oncology Patient Support™ Co-pay Card for help with out-of-pocket expenses for LONSURF
Patient Assistance Program
  • We research financial assistance for patients with no or insufficient prescription insurance coverage or insufficient resources to pay for LONSURF. Eligible patients may receive LONSURF at no cost based on assistance, financial, and medical criteria
Alternate funding support
  • We refer eligible, publicly insured patients to nonprofit foundations for co-pay assistance
Personalized nurse support for treatment plan adherence upon request
  • Our treatment plan adherence services are available as needed to support patient care, including refill reminders