Access Support

The Taiho Oncology Patient Support Program simplifies access for those who have been prescribed a Taiho Oncology product as part of their treatment. Just a phone call away, we can help determine insurance coverage, coordinate prescriptions, and more.

Click here to find out more about the Taiho Oncology Patient Support Program, including how to enroll.

Access and reimbursement
support includes:

  • Helping patients understand their insurance coverage and/or out‑of‑pocket responsibility through Benefit Verifications (BVs)
  • Determining prior authorization requirements of the insurance company
  • Assisting with appeals if coverage is denied

Pharmacy coordination includes:

  • Triaging patients' prescriptions
  • Coordinating prescriptions with the specialty pharmacy, self‑dispensing practice, or hospital outpatient pharmacy
  • Communicating regularly with patients about prescription status
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